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Legion of Skanks Podcast

Legion of Skanks has been called "the most offensive podcast on Earth" and the hosts and creators wouldn't want it any other way! Stand up comedians and real-life best friends Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, and Dave Smith host their weekly "podcast party" from the Creek and Cave in Long Island City where they invite their loyal fans in studio to hang out and listen in as they discuss anything and everything in a hilarious and extremely uncensored way. The "skanks" consistently raise the bar on filth and depravity. The goal of the show isn't to educate, but rather to make you piss your pants laughing and possibly question your own moral code.
The latest 10 episodes are always free, but if you want access to all the archives, watch live, chat live, access to the forums, and get the show a week before it comes out everywhere else - you can subscribe now at and use the code LOS to save 15% on the entire network, plus get a discount code on all merchandise!

Jul 24, 2017

Nick Mullen & Adam Friedland join Luis J. Gomez and Dave Smith on this week’s episode of Legion of Skanks! Both LoS and Cum Town shed the weight of their heaviest members for the night, leaving two-thirds of each podcast to discuss the health of Big Jay and Stavros. The “extreme toxicity” of Cum Town’s content provokes a woman to ask reddit whether she should end her engagement to a fan; the comics propose a brilliant plan to expand the Bosley Hair Restoration company; and the group reacts to a collection of photos featuring a disabled white tiger! Is it better to assault a woman, or a black person? How, exactly, can Hepatitis-C be contracted? And is the act of a man sucking another man’s d**k always “gay”, no matter the circumstance? Find out the answers to these questions and more on The Most Offensive Podcast on Earth, The Legion Of Skanks!!!